Are Wasps Invading Your Yard?

Are Wasps Invading Your Yard?

Wasp removal across Fiskdale, Wilbraham & Sturbridge, MA and surrounding areas

Here in Massachusetts we know how to maximize on the warm summer months. Beautiful days bring cookouts and quality family time often spent outside. However, with the spike in temperature also comes an increase in pests such as wasps.

During June, July, and August the wasp population across Massachusetts slowly grows and reaches a high in population towards July and August. Wasps are known for being an aggressive stinging pest and often sting without being provoked or directly threatened.

Every year a few hundred thousand people across the country find themselves in the emergency room as a result of a wasp or other stinging pest. The last thing that you want to deal with this summer is landing yourself in the hospital and taking quality time away from your family.

MC Pest Control of Fiskdale, MA is focused on providing home and business owners across the area including in Wilbraham with quality wasp removal services. Our pest control company will come out to your Massachusetts property and safely remove wasp nests.

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