Keep Your Home Flea Free

Keep Your Home Flea Free

Flea pest control services across Massachusetts

Many fleas call Massachusetts their home, but that doesn't mean that you want them in your house. Flea infestations normally originate from a household pet like a dog or cat as fleas are the most common parasite found on both of these animals.

Fleas will attach themselves to your pet and feed off of their blood. Yuck- we know!

As a result you might notice that your pet is frequently scratching. You might even notice small brown dots on your pet or even around your home.

If you think that your home has been infested with fleas then you need an experienced flea removal expert right away. MC Pest Control of Fiskdale, Massachusetts offers flea removal services across the area including in Wilbraham.

Our pest control expert will have your home flea free in no time. Even better we have some helpful tips to keep your home flea free after we leave:

  • Keep your floors clean
  • Treat your pet regularly for fleas
  • Spray your yard if necessary

To schedule an appointment for flea removal services please contact our Wilbraham, Massachusetts office.