MC Pest Control


He was able to come quickly to treat for ants before we went on vacation. He was very knowledgeable and clearly explained what was going to happen. Haven't seen an ant since!

Elizabeth G. (HomeAdvisor)

Michel was honest and through throughout the time he was and spoke to about what to expect and when to call if needed to come back.

Edith O. (HomeAdvisor)

They had the best warranty.

Bob B. (HomeAdvisor)

Mike was professional and on time. Took care of our bee issue quickly. Very knowledgeable, thorough, trustworthy. Guarantees his work. Will use him again if necessary. Recommended for your next job.

Jennifer B. (HomeAdvisor)

Was very professional.

Deborah G. (HomeAdvisor)

Mike called me right away and was able to come promptly as well.

Lee M. (HomeAdvisor)

He knows his business. Black ant problem is gone.

Henry V. (HomeAdvisor)

Professional and responsive.

Donna C. (HomeAdvisor)

Mike was on time, professional, and efficient. He removed three wasp nests for me in less than 30 minutes. Was also able to identify potential other pest issue in my attic. Highly recommend and I will use him again for pest issues.

Heidi F. (HomeAdvisor)

Mike was very professional he took care of it cleaned up after himself and I took his card and I will call him again sure I have any other pest problem.

Loretta J. (HomeAdvisor)

He was excellent! He said he would come back and fix the fleas if they weren't gone in a certain.

Ernest G (HomeAdvisor)

He was at my house in an hour and a half after I described my problem. Took care of it after giving me advice on other potential issues. Within hours of contact through Home Advisor it was taken care of for a reasonable price.

Sharon R (HomeAdvisor)

Thorough , courteous ,on time, competitively priced . Knows instinctively the issues involved with my particular home. After 25 yrs in Sudbury, I believe we have found the right local fit instead of using a national brand whose values are elsewhere!

Elizabeth G. (HomeAdvisor)

They took the time to answer ALL my questions and I had a lot!!! and the bugs are gone for the time being.

Traci F (HomeAdvisor)