Don't Let Pests Be Your Guests

Don't Let Pests Be Your Guests

Get rid of those annoying squirrels once and for all in Fiskdale, Wilbraham & Sturbridge, MA

Western gray squirrels are very common in New England. They live in close proximity to humans in urban, suburban and rural areas. The gray squirrel has a silver-gray coat with a brownish face and brownish feet. It has a pale underside and characteristically bushy tail.

Although squirrels may be cute in the wild, they can cause major damage to your home or place of business. MC Pest Control provides squirrel removal and prevention services for home and business owners throughout Fiskdale, MA. Our exterminators will assess your pest problem and determine a solution specific to your needs.

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Are you sharing your home with squirrels?

Squirrel infestations are often easier to hear than see. They like warm, dry places, and are typically found in chimneys and attics. Even if your building seems secure, do not be fooled. Squirrels can chew through siding to get into your home.
Some common signs that squirrels may be in your home are:

  • Scratching, clawing, scampering noises
  • Holes in your shingles and roofline damage
  • Chew marks on the outer panels of your home
  • Ripped open garbage bags
  • Damage to bird feeders
  • Chewed up outdoor furniture
  • Chewed bark on young trees
  • Eaten garden plants

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