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Frequently asked questions

How often should I get a pest inspection in my home?

In our area of Massachusetts, we would recommend getting your home inspected 4 times per year. That way, we can also give your home the preventative care it needs to help stop an infestation from happening. Call MC Pest Control today for a quote on all our pest control services.

Can I be at home during treatment or will I need to leave?

Most of the time, you can remain in your home while we take care of pest control services. If necessary, the professionals at MC Pest Control will let you know if you need to leave or just avoid specific areas and for how long.

Can my pet go outside after you treat my lawn?

Every pesticide requires that people and pets avoid treated surfaces until dry. Once dry, the material will be safe to roam around on.

Where do termites come from?

Although it may be a common misconception that only the cold weather causes termites to seek shelter in your home, it is actually a warm, dark, and moist place that will drive termites into your home. Even moist soil under the foundation of your home will attract a termite infestation.

When do termites typically infest?

An infestation can happen year-round. Most commonly, we see spurts of termite infestation activity starting in spring.

What types of damages do termites cause?

Most commonly, we see termite damage within the walls of a home or in carpet. In worse cases, they can cause irreversible damage to the foundation of your home. Any type of termite damage can typically be found with a pest inspection. MC Pest Control can help detect any damages caused by a termite infestation and figure out the best treatment plan for your home.

How do spiders get into my house?

Spiders make their way into your home through windows, cracks, gaps, and vents. They can also make their way into your home via hitchhiking. This means that they stow away in your belongings such as inside grocery sacks or laptop bags.

What are the most common spiders in Massachusetts?

The most common spiders in Massachusetts include cellar spiders, wolf spiders, black widow spiders, and house spiders

How many different types of ants are there?

There are thousands of different types of ant species around the world. However, the number of ant species here in Massachusetts is much smaller.

What attracts ants to the inside of my home?

Ants are attracted to the scent of sugar and grease. Our pest control company recommends that you are proactive and wipe down counters and floors after preparing meals. This will help eliminate the food scents that attract ants.

How do mice get inside my property?

Mice get inside of your property by entering through exterior cracks and holes around the structure of your building.

What is the smallest space that mice can enter through?

Mice can enter in extremely small spaces. They only need one-quarter of an inch hold.