bat control wilbraham ma
bat control wilbraham ma

Get Those Bats Out of Your Belfry

We offer bat and bird control services in Fiskdale, Wilbraham & Sturbridge, MA

If you're hearing noises in your attic, it's possible a small animal has taken up residence. MC Pest Control will visit your property to discover the source of the noise. Keep in mind that just trapping and removing the bat or bird that's causing the disturbance is not going to solve the problem.

An experienced pest control pro will offer exclusion services to block potential entryways. We want to get the birds or bats out of your home and keep them out. Once we've blocked potential entrances and closed up small holes, you can rest easy knowing the animal pests won't return.

Contact MC Pest Control today for bat control services in the Fiskdale, Massachusetts area including Wilbraham and Sturbridge.

3 good reasons to keep bats and birds out of your home

While home and business owners may initially worry about the noise caused by pests, keep in mind that they can also cause extensive damage. You should be concerned that:

  1. Birds and bats carry a variety of diseases
  2. Birds and bats transport ticks, mites and other parasites
  3. Droppings in your attic can ruin personal belongings

In some cases, you'll have to leave the premises while we take care of the problem. Call 508-826-3353 today to schedule bird control in the Fiskdale, Massachusetts area including Wilbraham and Sturbridge.